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  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education: the great ‘equalizer’ in the global and Asia-Pacific AIDS response for young people
  • UNESCO Associated Schools Network: A summary of recent achievements in Asia and the Pacific
  • Disability-inclusive Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Asia and the Pacific: an assessment of teacher needs
  • Social and emotional learning must be a priority for transformed early education
  • UNESCO’s regional meeting on ‘bridging the digital divides’ calls for multi-stakeholder cooperation in digital competency development among educators and youth

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第3回ユネスコスクール関東ブロック大会 | 3rd ASPnet Kanto-Area Conference in Japan

[This event is in Japanese only.] 平和・人権と地球市民教育(GCED) SDGsの広がり  SDGs 達成に向けた担い手の育成は、文部科学省の新「学習指導要領」にも大きな現代的課題として強調されており、小学校から大学に至る教育機関だけでなく、企業や地方自治体などにとっても重要な課題となっています。 さらに、現在のコロナ禍の状況において、現在・未来の社会の在り方が改めて問われています。  ユネスコスクールの理念と活動は、未来を担う子供たち・若者だけでなく...

Gendered impacts of COVID-19 school closures: how youth in Asia and the Pacific have been affected

A report from the 2nd Asia-Pacific Regional Education Minister’s Conference (APREMC-II), June 2022 School closures occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with pre-existing, gender-based inequalities in education have come to have significant impacts on...

Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group members partner on advocacy for mother tongue-based education at APREMC-II

—Mother-tongue learning for ethnic minority children highlighted in outcome statement, which will inform the Transforming Education Summit (TES) at UN General Assembly in September— Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group members UNESCO Bangkok...