• Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group members partner on advocacy for mother tongue-based education at APREMC-II
  • UNESCO and UNDP resource-mapping and needs-assessment of vulnerable and marginalized Asia-Pacific youth in digital literacy, safety and participation
  • UNESCO and the Equitable Education Fund (EEF) of Thailand reaffirm mutual commitment to innovative financing for equitable education
  • 2nd Asia-Pacific Regional Education Minister’s Conference concludes with adoption of ‘Bangkok Statement 2022’
  • “Hand in Hand” World Challenge

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UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and partners launch ‘2nd Asia-Pacific Regional Education Minister’s Conference’ (APREMC-II), 5 – 7 June 2022, Bangkok

Conference to address urgent need for post-pandemic learning recovery for over 800 million children and comprehensive ‘education transformation’ in the region The UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (UNESCO Bangkok), the UNICEF East Asia...