• Happy Schools! A Framework for Learner Well-being in the Asia-Pacific
  • ບົດລາຍງານສັງລວມການຕິດຕາມການສຶກສາໂລກ 2020: ການຮວມເອົາທຸກຄົນ ແລະ ການສຶກສາ: ທຸກຄົນກໍຄືທັງໝົດ
  • สรุปรายงานการติดตามผลการศึกษาทั่วโลก ปี 2020: ความครอบคลุมและการศึกษา: ทั้งหมดหมายถึงทุกคน
  • UNESCO Regional Education Support Strategy to Respond to COVID-19 and Beyond in Asia and the Pacific (2020−2021): From Disruption to Response and Recovery in the Asia And Pacific Region
  • Asia-Pacific Regional Statements: Promoting fair and transparent recognition of higher education qualifications

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Education and COVID-19

“We need every Member State on board to defend and advance the right to education, and to rethink education, now and in the healing and recovery of our societies, on fairer and more inclusive ground” Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for...