Early Childhood Care and Education

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is the foundation of lifelong learning. UNESCO Bangkok is fully committed to supporting Member States’ efforts to expand and improve comprehensive ECCE that will optimize the potential of young children in the Asia and Pacific region.

UNESCO Bangkok’s ECCE program is dedicated to advocating, building partnerships, providing technical assistance, researching, and implementing capacity development projects in the region

  • Mother Tongue and Early Childhood Care and Education: Synergies and Challenges
  • Innovative financing solutions to achieve one year of free and compulsory preschool
  • Strengthening Costing and Financing of SDG 4.2 in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Asia-Pacific Regional Policy Forum on Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Innovative Financing Mechanisms and Partnerships for Pre-Primary Education in Asia-Pacific

Latest Early Childhood Care and Education