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UNESCO Bangkok Internship Programme and Volunteers

Internship Programme and Volunteers

UNESCO Bangkok Interns and Volunteers

UNESCO Bangkok offers on-the-job training opportunities for graduate and post-graduate students worldwide to enhance their academic experience through practical work assignments (internship programme). Moreover, we offer non-students the opportunities to support the work of the Organization on a voluntary basis (volunteer programme).

The standard duration of internship is four months with a minimum duration being three months and maximum duration being six months. The duration of a volunteer assignment is more flexible but a maximum is also six months. Internships are normally on a full-time basis although assignments may be carried out on a part-time basis upon mutual agreement. Interns and volunteers are incorporated in the work as team members under the supervision of unit chiefs or programme specialists. 

Interns should be enrolled in a post-graduate or graduate degree programme; in case of volunteers, they should have completed a graduate or post-graduate degree programme in a field relevant to the work of UNESCO (e.g. education, social sciences, international relations, journalism, laws, communication, natural sciences, public administration, development studies, human resources, culture). 

Please be advised that internship/volunteer assignments are undertaken on a voluntary basis and thus unpaid. UNESCO does not cover any costs of their travels, visas, insurances, vaccinations or living expenses. Remuneration and employment expectation are not offered. 

Eligible candidates can learn about our programme activities that may be of their interest and can apply your knowledge and experiences to. 


Please visit this link for more information and to apply for an internship/volunteer programme.