ICT in Education

UNESCO Bangkok’s Asia Pacific Regional Programme on ICT in Education supports Member States in effectively using ICT to facilitate the achievement of the Education 2030 targets. The Programme focuses its efforts to implement the Asia Pacific Regional Strategy on Using ICT to Facility the Achievement of Education 2030  through four priority areas: 1) secondary education, technical vocational education and training (TVET) and higher education; 2) quality of teaching and teaching practices; 3) inclusion and equality; and 4) monitoring and evaluation.

  • (Virtual) Central Asia Symposium on ICT in Education (vCASIE) 2020
  • Strengthen Intangible Cultural Heritage: Safeguarding and digital entrepreneurship skills for Hmong artisan women
  • Regional Conference on Transforming Teacher Development
  • Digital solutions to empower women and safeguard traditional crafts
  • Project Meeting: Fostering Digital Citizenship Education in Asia-Pacific

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