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Job opportunities and other announcements

Working with UNESCO as staff member, intern or volunteer, means working towards a better world and building peace through knowledge exchange, social progress, and mutual understanding among people. UNESCO Bangkok is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s regional bureau for Education whose work in the field of education, natural science, social and human science, culture and communication has a bearing on the lives of almost two-thirds of the world’s population in 47 member countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

UNESCO Bangkok offers opportunities for people with determination and motivation to help the Organization achieving its goals.

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  • Individual Culture Consultant

    Application date

    Parent Sector: Field Office
    Duty Station: Bangkok
    Job Family: Culture
    Type of contract: Non Staff
    Duration of contract: From 7 to 11 months
    Recruitment open to: External candidates
    Application Deadline (Midnight Bangkok Time): 20-Jun-2023

    Tasks and Assignment

    Under the overall authority of the Director of UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok and the direct supervision of the Chief of the Culture Unit, the Individual Specialist will assist the Culture Unit with programmes related to the conservation of immovable cultural heritage.

    Specifically, the Individual Specialist will undertake the planning, implementation and coordination of activities primarily related to CLT OP1 (Member States capacities strengthened to identify, protect and manage tangible heritage).

    1. Provide technical advice and contribute to the Japan Funds-In-Trust project “Safeguarding World Heritage Site Archives in Southeast Asia".

    2. Provide technical advice and contribute to the programme activities of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

    3.   Provide technical advice and contribute to the organizational and technical capacity building programmes related to the “Competence Framework for Cultural Heritage Management” hereinafter called "the Framework".

    4. Contribute advice and inputs for other educational activities related to cultural heritage management and higher education network activities, particularly related to UNESCO Chairs in heritage and the Asian Academy for Heritage Management in close coordination with the Secretariat for the network.

    5. Provide technical inputs and coordination for other BGK/CLT programmes and activities.

    6. General task related to the above programmatic implementation.

    7. Undertake mission travel which may be assigned by the Chief of Culture Unit.  The travel costs shall be covered by UNESCO.

    8. Carry out additional tasks as required and assigned by the Chief of CLT or the Office Director.

    For more information and how to apply, please visit this link.

  • Administrative Assistant

    Application date


    Only candidates who have the right to live and work in Thailand may apply for this position.

    Parent Sector: Field Office
    Duty Station: Bangkok
    Job Family: Administration
    Type of contract: Non Staff
    Level: SB-2 SC-4
    Duration of contract: From 7 to 11 months
    Recruitment open to: External candidates
    Application Deadline (Midnight Bangkok Time): 30-JUN-2023

    Overview of the functions of the post

    Under the overall delegated authority of the Director of Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok and the direct supervision of the Senior Finance and Administrative Officer or Senior Finance and Administrative Assistant, as applicable, the Administrative Assistant will be responsible for performing a variety of standard administrative support activities and processes in compliance with UNESCO Rules and Regulations, practices, standards, and procedures. The incumbent will work as part of a team and contribute to the smooth functioning of the office.

    1. General Accountabilities

    • Assist in the preparation of documents/reports; 
    • Compile, verify and maintain records of transactions and Office activities;
    • Classify and code material relating to a number of subject areas and maintains general office files; 
    • Search Office files and records relating to a variety of topics for information and reference from automated systems;
    • Select information and record in correspondence, technical papers, project/ programme plans and general reference documents;
    • Draft routine correspondence, cables, memorandums and reports on the basis of oral instructions, previous correspondence or other available information sources in accordance with standard office procedures.

    2. Financial Accountabilities

    • Process payments; check that documents are complete, correct and compliant with the rules, regulations and procedures;
    • Provide information, explanations and guidance on basic rules and procedures;
    • Ensure that the accounting records (disbursement and receipts documents) and corresponding justifications  are complete and properly filed;
    • Act as bank focal point; carry on the reconciliation and follow up on bank documents; 
    • Ensure that monthly bank statements of accounts of the Office are received on time for the monthly closing of accounts;
    • Make disbursement from petty cash; ensure that all necessary receipts are provided and keep updating the register of petty cash.

    3. Budgetary Accountability 

    • Register actions/data; do non-complex corrections in systems.   
    • Verify transactions and check data/figures; identify and correct errors/anomalies and assist to input corrective action in FABS, SISTER etc. 
    • Assist in preparation of budget, check completeness, accuracy and compliance of documentation;  
    • Assist in the production of a variety of financial reports and statistics related to regular and extra budgetary funds; 
    • Extract data and information from the automated financial and programmatic systems (FABS; SISTER etc.) and prepare standard reports.  

    4. HR Accountability 

    • Extract data from automated systems or other sources and prepare documents for processing; maintain and update database and follow up on personnel files; 
    • Draft routine correspondence and memoranda based on previous examples and templates;   
    • Assist staff members and their dependents by processing requests for visas, identity cards, driving licenses and other necessary personnel-related documents in accordance with requirements of the organization and the host country. 
    • Collect applications for vacancies and conduct reference checks;  
    • Coordinate interview schedules, prepare agenda and documentation 

    5. Logistics 

    • Make arrangements for shipment and receipt of office and project supplies and equipment and household effects, including customs clearance;  
    • Check documents by verifying purchase orders and check the comparative quotations;  
    • Follow up on requests by tracking and collecting orders (goods and services), check that goods and services are received according to the terms of the Pro forma (time, quantity, quality);  
    • Maintain and monitor stock levels of various supply items. Maintain, update and transmit inventory records of non-expendable equipment to BFM;  
    • Liaise with companies and different host country’s administration; 
    • Follow up air tickets purchase and payments, prepare travel authorizations and assemble information pertinent to the purpose of travel; track security certificates. Make travel and hotel reservations.
    • Collect raw data from hotels to complete the yearly DSA survey for Thailand at the request of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC).

    6. Perform additional activities that may be required to ensure the success of the work team. 

    For more information and how to apply, please visit this link