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Wenhui Award 2018

Wenhui (文晖) Award for Educational Innovation 2018 Innovations in School, Family and Community Collaboration for Quality Education

Wenhui Award 2018

Call for nomination: Wenhui (文 晖) Award 2018 - Innovations in School, Family and Community Collaboration for Quality Education

In 2013, UNESCO raised an alarm about the learning crisis. This is also the theme in the World Development Report 2018: Worldwide, hundreds of millions of children reach young adulthood without even the most basic life skills. Even if they attend school, many leave without the skills for calculating the correct change from a transaction, reading a doctor’s instructions, or interpreting a campaign promise—let alone building a fulfilling career or educating their children.

The Education Commission’s report, The Learning Generation, also pointed out that: Education in many countries is not improving and children are instead falling dangerously behind; 263 million children and young people are out of school, and the number of primary-school aged children not in school is increasing. For those children who are in school, many are not actually learning. In low- and middle-income countries, only half of primary-school aged children and little more than a quarter of secondary-school aged children are learning basic primary- and secondary-level skills.

Without a doubt, we need to address this learning crisis. But who is responsible for ensuring quality education and real learning?

Very often, one of the first responses is the school. This is where parents send their children to learn after all. The entire school system, including the principals, teachers, administration, curriculum, school culture and environment, as well as the government in the background, are key factors in the education of a child. Nonetheless, there are advocates who contend that schools cannot be the only ones held accountable for the education of their students.

For 2018, the theme of the Wenhui Award is Innovations in School, Family and Community Collaboration for Quality Education. It is in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Education 2030 Agenda to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, as well as UNESCO’s vision of education to provide and enhance quality learning opportunities particularly to those most disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized.

Two individuals or institutions from the Asia and Pacific region will be selected by a jury of distinguished educators. The winners will each receive a Certificate of Excellence and prize money of US$ 20,000. Certificates of Merit may also be awarded to individuals or institutions that have demonstrated commendable innovative practices. The results will be announced through a variety of channels to share the achievements of the winners and awardees.

More information is available in the Wenhui Award brochure. The Application Form and Consent Form can be downloaded from the Award website


Important dates:

  • Closing date for nominations:   27 July 2018
  • Announcement of winners:       End of September 2018
  • Award ceremony:                      To be confirmed

For further information, please contact:

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          Website: http://bangkok.unesco.org/content/wenhui-award-2018



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