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UNESCO new global network: ESD-Net 2030 launch webinar

UNESCO new global network: ESD-Net 2030 launch webinar

To accelerate the implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD) in a decade of action to deliver the Goals and achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, UNESCO is launching the new global network of education stakeholders: ESD-Net 2030. 

Based on the success and lessons learned from the previous Global Action Programme (GAP), this network aims to facilitate the implementation of the ESD for 2030 framework and its Roadmap by enhancing knowledge sharing, collaboration, mutual learning, advocacy, monitoring, and evaluation, among a wide range of education stakeholders including governmental agencies, civil society organizations, educators, youth, research institutions, UN entities, international development partners, etc. 

In order to launch this new network and kick off a series of activities, UNESCO is organizing an online webinar with the support of the Government of Japan. This Webinar will bring Member States, strategic partners and education stakeholders together to strengthen support for the implementation of ESD for 2030. Selected countries from across globe will present their experiences and lessons learned on how they have prepared or are preparing their own country initiative - a country plan on how to map, mobilize and create synergies among ESD related national stakeholders. This webinar will also highlight the unique role of the cultural sector in mainstreaming ESD. Participants will learn about innovative practices which can be utilized to implement ESD in everyday life through a diversity of contexts. 

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