UNESCO Bangkok to join Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance (SieQA) 2022

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UNESCO Bangkok to join Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance (SieQA) 2022

On 13 October, UNESCO Bangkok will present a keynote on the Futures of Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges during the Seminar on Internal-External Quality Assurance (SieQA) 2022 in Malaysia.

Event overview

The higher education sector has been progressing fast towards Industry 4.0 to meet the needs of the 21st Century. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced higher education institutions around the world to adapt their teaching, learning and assessment methods to achieve flexible education in order to meet these challenges. Universities are faced with challenges such as academic development, expertise and technology limitations, academic integrity issues and outdated processes. A transformative university governance which includes a robust quality assurance system is essential to provide an effective and flexible framework to ensure these challenges are met.

SieQA 2022 aims to share how higher education institutions, with a true quality culture, transform practical strategies and practices in this period of major change to create a sustainable higher education ecosystem. Ultimately, today’s university leaders must face critical questions requiring timely and strategic responses that will likely define their future in a hyper-competitive new world.


If conference fees are a barrier to participation, please contact the conference organizers or UNESCO Bangkok anytime at: eisd.bgk(at)unesco(dot)org

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