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Spotlighting Sport as an Enabler for the SDGs

Spotlighting Sport as an Enabler for the SDGs

Sport can be a powerful force for building peace and driving the entire 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

UNESCO and the Philippines Sports Commission have brought together 23 outstanding young leaders from nine ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste together to share their work in using sport to promote positive transformations within their communities. 

The ASEAN Sport and SDGs Youth Funshop, from 8-10 November, aims to promote youth-led, sport-based projects in the region that address a range of social, environmental, and economic challenges.

The young leaders shared their experiences and ideas with representatives from UNESCO, ASEAN, the Asian Development Bank, Right to Play, and other organizations, exploring the linkages between their work and the Sustainable Development Goals. They are also reflecting on how their initiatives can help promote the practical application of the principles enshrined in the Kazan Action Plan and its corresponding Follow-up Framework, adopted by UNESCO in July 2017.

The ultimate aim of this event is to enhance cooperation between public authorities, the sport movement and civil society, and to help create a regional community of practice in ASEAN.

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