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Regional Conference on Transforming Teacher Development

Regional Conference on Transforming Teacher Development

When: 15-17 October 2019

Where: Tagaytay, Philippines 

Type of event: Project Meeting (attendance by invitation only)

Contact: ict.bgk@unesco.org 


Supported by both Korean Funds-in-Trust and Japan Funds-in-Trust, eight project countries (Uzbekistan, Nepal, Philippines, Mongolia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives) are currently benefiting from or have already completed the series of national workshops targeting different stages of policy intervention to develop ICT Competency Standards for Teachers (ICT-CST), enhance teacher professional development (TPD) curriculum/modules, train teacher educators/trainers, and formulate competency assessment guidelines. 

To provide countries with an opportunity to explore different ideas on how to systematically address the practical concerns in implementing ICT-CST in the respective contexts, UNESCO is organizing this year's project regional meeting as an ICT-CST Conference to explore ways to effectively implement and integrate ICT-CST within overall TPD structures. The Conference will bring together selected resource persons to address requested focus areas, including innovative ICT-supported pedagogical strategies for 21st century learning, improving the quality of teacher training, whole school approach to ICT integration, validation and monitoring of competency standards, among others. Various session formats will provide a diversity of settings and opportunities for all stakeholders to network, exchange ideas, gather feedback, share resources, and learn from one another. A field visit and round-table discussions with experts will also be arranged. 

In view of these, the objectives of the Conference are as follows: 

  1. Evaluate the current ICT-CST project implementation of project countries
  2. Exchange knowledge and good practices on facilitating competency-based ICT-related TPD 
  3. Strategize the next steps for ICT-CST implementation in respective countries, within and outside the project scope 



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