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Promoting Lifelong Learning at Community Learning Centers

Promoting Lifelong Learning at Community Learning Centers

Transforming Education and Training Systems to Create Lifelong Learning Societies in the Asia-Pacific Project

The project aims to assist countries in the region in reorienting their education and training systems towards creating lifelong learning societies. The project activities were completed in 2016. Its results and publications were disseminated to governments, education coalitions and CSOs in the Asia-Pacific region.

1.     The comprehensive education system review conducted in 7 Asia-Pacific  countries (Bangladesh, China, Japan, Nepal, the Republic of Korea, Thailand and Viet Nam) on the extent to which LLL is promoted, and how CLCs are being leveraged to foster LLL. The research was translated into the publication “Community-Based Lifelong Learning and Adult Education: Situations of Community Learning Centres in 7 Asian Countries”, aiming to assist policymakers in gaining a broader understanding from the varied cases of the countries in the region in order to develop their relevant LLL frameworks on CLCs.

2.  Finalization of the booklets on the Roles of CLCs for LLL and Adult Competency Framework: On 13-14 September 2016, UNESCO Bangkok in collaboration with the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) organised the Consultation Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand with an aim to provide a platform for the national experts from 6 representative Asian countries (Indonesia, Lao PDR, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam) to review and finalise the aforementioned draft recommendations.

  1. Booklet on the Role of Community Learning Centres as Facilitators of Lifelong Learning was published to assist policymakers and CLC managers in transforming the role of CLC, as a key platform to provide vital knowledge and essential skills to marginalised learners towards
  2. Booklet on Adult Skills and Competencies for Lifelong Learning was published to provide recommendations for policymakers and CLC managers in developing related frameworks and delivery mechanisms in their respective countries in order to emphasise critical skills and competencies for adult learners in both non-formal and informal settings.


Decree of Lifelong Learning in Lao PDR

With the International NGO, DVV,  we supported the Department of Non formal education, MOE, Lao PDR to develop the policy framework of Lifelong Learning.   This policy framework was consulted with a number of stakeholders in the country and set as the Decree of Lifelong Learning.  This document is to be signed by Prime Minister to become effective.



a very useful portal site of CLC was created with more than 1000 materials on CLC, literacy, lifelong learning, NFE, adult education and skill development. All materials, country reports, powerpoint presentations, thematic papers have been accumulated through all our activities in the past 20 years.  Users can easy get any relevant information by clicking the name of country, theme, or topic. A search engine was also set for further searching.  The site was disseminated in Asia and received a lot of appreciation from experts and government officials.