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Policy brief: Transformative education

first page of the policy brief

Policy brief: Transformative education

first page of the policy briefIn light of contemporary social, health, economic and environmental issues, education must empower all learners with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to live cooperatively, be flexible, think critically, respect diversity, care for the environment, and be actively involved in finding solutions, both locally and globally. ‘Transformative education’ as enshrined in SDG4 Target 4.7, together with targets 4.a and 4.1 – is critical in supporting individuals to develop these competencies to come together for peace and sustainable development.

Increased attention to education for sustainable development (ESD), global citizenship education (GCED), and education for health and well-being (EHW) including school health and nutrition (SHN) programmes is key to realizing a common vision for education that transforms lives, societies and the world. Together these thematic priorities, combined with the transversal competencies that bind them together, can support the transformation of education so that learners of all ages are better able to care for one another and the planet, to create more peaceful, just and sustainable societies.

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