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A network promoting STEM education for girls and women in Asia-Pacific

A network promoting STEM education for girls and women in Asia-Pacific

Girls and women’s access to equal education opportunities in the STEM disciplines determines not only their lifelong outcomes but also sustainable development across the Asia-Pacific. Please join us in Bangkok from 21 to 22 November 2019 for a two-day regional research project meeting on “STEM Education for Girls and Women in Asia-Pacific”.

As part of the regional research project in STEM for girls and women, and to continue efforts promoting STEM education for all, UNESCO Bangkok will convene the meeting to discuss and share current research and innovative projects and practices regarding Girls/Women in STEM education in the Asia-Pacific. The meeting will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to learn more about what member states can do to enhance the relevance of STEM education for females.

In addition, stakeholders will have an opportunity to take stock in various projects, programmes and initiatives throughout the region. UNESCO will engage organizations and institutes to attend, laying the groundwork for a potential network of STEM education experts across the Asia-Pacific that could lead policy discussions and affect change across international, national and local levels.

When: 21-22 November 2019

Where: UNESCO Bangkok Office, 920 Sukhumvit Rd, Prakanong

Who: Invited guests will include the current researchers who are involved in the project, as well as key partners and stakeholders in the STEM education field, such as those involved in gender education, including academic and research institutes, Ministry of Education officials, external partners from NGOs/CSOs, international agencies, development agencies and technology companies.

Organizers: The meeting is organized by UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education.

For more details, please contact m.manns@unesco.org and l.ugwuegbula@unesco.org.