Human connection and interaction – celebrate International Jazz Day 30 April

Human connection and interaction – celebrate International Jazz Day 30 April

From its inception, jazz brought people together and fostered mutual understanding and intercultural communication. The past year, with all of its loss, isolation and anxiety, has emphasized the necessity of human connection and interaction. We look to this tremendous musical force to provide unity, healing and hope now, when we need it most.

I write to you with an important message regarding the upcoming commemoration of International Jazz Day on 30 April 2021. As you may know, 2021 will mark the 10th anniversary of this special celebration, first proclaimed in 2011 by the UNESCO Director-General and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock.

International Jazz Day acknowledges and highlights the historical role of jazz as a tool to promote peace, education, diversity and inclusion, intercultural dialogue, and freedom of expression, among other values. These positive contributions have solidified jazz as a true vehicle for cultural diplomacy around the globe.

Please consider joining us this year to celebrate this art form which has contributed so significantly to the evolving musical style of our region. In lieu of an in-person celebration, please consider joining remotely, either with a virtual concert or jazz talk, or even a brief message on your social media platforms about International Jazz Day, and what the music means to you. Engage your followers to help them understand the meaning and impact of this International Day. Include hashtags #JazzDay and #JazzDay10 to join the conversation.

Keep us informed once you have your plans, and visit to find more resources, including details and suggestions for what you can do. We invite you to contact the International Jazz Day Secretariat, at, and the coordinating team at the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, at, for anything you need.


Main photo caption: Herbie Hancock (©Getty image/Kris Saprow)