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Happy Schools

Happy Schools

The Happy Schools Project was launched in June 2014 in the aim of promoting learner well-being and holistic development in schools. The 2016 report - Happy Schools! A Framework for Learner Well-being in the Asia-Pacific – is one of the main outcomes of the project and features 22 criteria for a happy school as well as promising and innovative practices based on voices from the school level. In light of today’s competitive, stress-fueled and test-focused world, the Happy Schools Project aims to offer an alternative notion of the quality of education that values and nurtures learners’ diverse talents and strengths. 

Happy Schools Report Launch and Art Exhibition

On 25 March, 2016, the UNESCO Bangkok office launched theHappy Schools report and art exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. In the spirit of Happy Schools, the UNESCO Bangkok office sponsored an art contest with the theme: What does a happy school look like to you? Winners of this art contest and the top 30 shortlisted entries are on display at the Happy Schools art exhibition in Bangkok.  The top 30 entries can also be viewed online on our Happy Schools Art E-Exhibition

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