Bridging Asia-Pacific Education Monitoring Frameworks and SDG 4

Bridging Asia-Pacific Education Monitoring Frameworks and SDG 4

This report highlights how different subregional bodies in the region have incorporated SDG 4 goals and targets in their education strategic frameworks. It aims to promote an understanding of the relationship between regional and global education objectives while providing a way for subregional bodies in the Asia-Pacific to measure progress.

In 2019, the Technical Cooperation Group (TCG) on the Indicators for SDG 4 agreed to specifically monitor seven SDG 4 indicators and to set intermediary objectives – benchmarks – with the aim of keeping countries on track to achieve global education targets. Recently, these benchmark indicators together with additional regionally relevant indicators were approved for the Asia Pacific region for the purpose of benchmarking.

In this report, these approved benchmarks are the key focus in reporting on progress in the region. This Continental Overview provides an account of regional progress to achieve SDG 4 using SDG 4 benchmark indicators. A deep dive on subregional target-by-target analysis linking with their respective frameworks helps provide insight on specific issues and challenges in each of the subregions.


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