fbpx Asia Pacific Learning Symposium to address school-related, gender-based violence, 25–27 April 2023, Bangkok, Thailand | Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok

Asia Pacific Learning Symposium to address school-related, gender-based violence, 25–27 April 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

Asia Pacific Learning Symposium to address school-related, gender-based violence, 25–27 April 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

The Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV WG) symposium aims to foster collaboration on joint advocacy, build the knowledge base, and to share resources and best practices towards accelerating a coordinated and cohesive response to school-related gender-based violence in Asia and Pacific

The Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV WG), a partnership of over 50 organizations worldwide committed to ending school-related gender-based violence, and co-chaired by UNESCO and the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), announces an Asia Pacific Learning Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand, 25–27 April 2023. The fourth in an ongoing series, this year’s symposium is a collaboration with Safe to Learn, Transform Education, UNFPA Asia-Pacific Regional Office (APRO) and UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO).


School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV) is defined as acts or threats of sexual, physical or psychological violence occurring in and around schools, perpetrated as a result of gender norms and stereotypes, and enforced by unequal power dynamics. It can take place inside or outside the classroom, around school, on the way to or from school, as well as in online and other digital environments.

In Asia and Pacific, available data on SRGBV point to significant challenges. For example, analyses deriving from the South-East Asia Primary Learning Metrics SEA-PLM 2019 data confirm that students’ experience of violence at school negatively impacts their learning. In the region, girls are more likely to face social exclusion, sexual and psychological violence, while boys are more likely to experience corporal punishment, bullying and other forms of physical violence. Further policy-advocacy and programme implementation that accelerate actions for addressing SRGBV in Asia and Pacific should therefore be strategically rooted in available and complementary frameworks, commitments and partnership platforms focused on education, learning quality, gender equality and overall learner health and well-being.

The Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence, established in 2014 by 35 organisations worldwide, provides a platform for over 50 civil society organisations, bilateral and multilateral donors, the UN, academia, and education unions working on gender, health, education, child protection, and violence against women and girls. Co-chaired by the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) and UNESCO, the SRGBV WG has raised awareness about the reality of SRGBV; advanced evidence-based global normative standards; facilitated knowledge exchange; and brought attention to promising practices in addressing SRGBV.

Following the last three successful symposia held in Latin America in 2021 (virtually), East and Southern Africa in 2019 (in person), and West and Central Africa in 2017 (in person), the SRGBV Working Group will host the 2023 Learning Symposium (in person) in the region of Asia and Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand.


The objectives of the Asia Pacific Learning Symposium are to:

  • Facilitate experience-sharing on programming and policy advocacy on SRGBV as an issue affecting gender equality, education, mental health and psychosocial well-being, highlighting strategic entry points for stronger integration of SRGBV within (among others): gender equality in and through education, broader school violence prevention programming, and the creation of safe, inclusive and health-promoting schools, with a human rights-based approach;
  • Promote new and emerging practical tools and resources to support education systems to advance their prevention and response approaches to SRGBV, in line with available global guidance and policy frameworks;
  • Strengthen knowledge of promising and transformative practices at national and school levels to address SRGBV which are being carried out by diverse education actors, with particular attention to whole-school approaches;
  • Promote recent evidence and research and identify evidence gaps and opportunities with regards to monitoring and measuring SRGBV prevalence and the effectiveness of response efforts, including evidence and research around online SRGBV; and
  • Amplify the voices of women, young people and vulnerable groups in Asia and Pacific for ending SRGBV.


Roughly 70 diverse participants will participate in the symposium representing: government – with focus on education sector personnel – civil society, bilateral partners, UN and other multilateral agencies, youth activists and programme implementers, research institutions and education unions.

Type of Event

In-person regional learning symposium; by invitation only.


25–27 April 2023


English with simultaneous interpretation in Thai and Vietnamese.

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