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Afghanistan ratifies the Tokyo Convention on recognition

Afghanistan ratifies the Tokyo Convention on recognition

On 1 February 2021, Afghanistan will become the 11th State Party to ratify the Asia-Pacific Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education, known as the Tokyo Convention. This historic step marks another important milestone for increased learner access to fair and transparent recognition of their qualifications in the Asia-Pacific.

Reflecting on the progress, the Deputy Minister for Academic Affairs, Mr. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan said: “Ratification of the Tokyo Convention will help pave the way for the recognition of the degrees awarded by universities in Afghanistan and the member countries of the Convention. It will also enhance standards and improve the quality of higher education in the member countries. The Tokyo Convention will help individuals have their qualifications fairly recognized and to move without unnecessary barriers for greater opportunities at home and in the member countries.”

Dr. Libing Wang, Secretary of the Tokyo Convention Committee at UNESCO Bangkok, agreed: “The ratification will bring international norms and good practices to the higher education system in Afghanistan with regard to qualification assessment and recognition and help to build robust quality assurance mechanisms that are urgently needed to ensure inclusive and quality higher education in the country and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.”

UNESCO Bangkok serves as Secretariat of the Tokyo Convention Committee and Asia-Pacific Network of National Information Centres (APNNIC), which are the official networks of recognition authorities and NICs in the region. For more information about APNNIC or the Tokyo Convention Committee, please contact: eisd.bgk@unesco.org.