Awarded Projects

Awarded Projects

2020 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

A total of seven projects have been acknowledged by an international panel of Jury members in this year’s Awards. The Jury deliberation was carried out in November, conducted fully online for the first time in Awards history. The Jury reviewed 48 entries from nine countries from the Asia-Pacific region.

The Jury applauded the Lai Chi Wo Rural Landscape project for its “pioneering approach to reviving a once-abandoned rural cultural landscape. The project upholds the key dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – in undertaking the holistic rejuvenation of the historic Hakka agricultural settlement using nature-based solutions …Through its multi-pronged strategy, the project transforms notions of heritage practice from its conventional focus on material conservation to encompass living heritage in all its manifestations.”

The Sunder Nursery, winner of two Awards from the 2020 cycle, was awarded the Special Recognition for Sustainable Development for its  “transformative impact in turning a barren site into an urban oasis in the heart of New Delhi … it pays equal attention to ecological restoration, thus underscoring the message that heritage conservation is beyond monuments and is only truly sustainable when essential linkages between nature and culture are profoundly understood and nurtured.” The project’s highest level of achievement in the Awards’ conservation category was praised for its “comprehensive renewal of the Sunder Nursery ensemble [that] sets a new bar for heritage restoration and serves as a catalytic model for public-private partnerships in India”.

Other Awardees include:

Award of Distinction

Koothambalam at Guruvayoor Temple, Thrissur, India


Award of Merit

Pingyao Diesel Engine Factory, Shanxi, China

Amar Singh College, Srinagar, India

Malabari Hall Building, Seva Sadan Society, Mumbai, India


New Design in Heritage Contexts

Protective Shelter at the Locality 1 Archaeological Site of Zhoukoudian Peking Man Cave World Heritage Site, Beijing, China


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