UNESCO Resource Distribution and Training Centres (RDTC)

UNESCO Resource Distribution and Training Centres (RDTC)

UNESCO Resource Distribution and Training Centres (RDTC)


With the experience gained from the implementation of the various ICT in Education projects in the Asia-Pacific region since 2002, the UNESCO Bangkok Office, through this project will strengthen a network of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in the Asia-Pacific region by developing their capacities in training teachers to use ICT effectively.

Using ICTs in teaching and learning is no longer an option in this digitally connected world. There is no doubt that teachers play a key role in the successful integration of ICTs into education. Realizing the needs for effective professional development within the region, UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (UNESCO Bangkok) has implemented various projects over the last decade to support teacher education institutions (TEIs). These supports include distributing digital teaching resources, helping update pre-service education curriculum, and  providing trainings on the innovative and pedagogical uses of ICTs, to name a few. The outcomes of such projects reaffirmed the importance of teacher professional development in creating an enabling environment to facilitate effective and holistic integration of ICTs in education.

One of the important outcomes from these projects was the UNESCO Resource Distribution and Training Centres (RDTC) network, established with some 20 key partner TEIs in 2009. The initial aims of the network were to facilitate the local dissemination of UNESCO ICT resources to students, teachers and teacher educators in their region and to provide corresponding training on the proper use of these resources. Since then, the network has been successfully playing its role as a national or regional focal point for enhancing teacher skills in facilitating effective ICT-pedagogy integration.

Responding to the network’s overwhelming success, UNESCO Bangkok wishes to take one step further to help evolve the network into a firm regional ground of professional learning community where teacher educators share their promising practices of harnessing the potential of ICT for education and deepen expertise and knowledge through healthy and active interaction. The network currently consists of 21 TEIs across the Asia and Pacific region.


  • To provide an effective platform for sharing and updating common issues, challenges and best practices among RDTCs
  • To support capacity building for teacher educators to stay abreast in the area of ICT-enhanced innovative pedagogies

  • To promote TEI’s research-oriented evidence-based monitoring and evaluation so as to inform future support activities from UNESCO


These 21 teacher education institutions from 13 countries in the Asia and Pacific region have committed themselves to act as Resource Distribution and Training Centres.







  • Institute of Teacher’s Professional Development


  • Yangon University of Education 




PR China



  • Central ln-Service and Retraining Institute of Public Education

RDTC Associate Members