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UNESCO launches professional development online course on equitable and inclusive education

UNESCO launches professional development online course on equitable and inclusive education

What does equity mean in educational contexts and how does it differ from equality? What is the current understanding of inclusion in educational settings? What about marginalization, disparities, or intersectionality? 

Why should governments, policy-makers, education leaders, educators, and practitioners be knowledgeable of these concepts and common barriers to access to education? 

Because only by taking informed action to bridge current gaps in access to education, educational outcomes, and achievement, can countries reach their higher societal, economic and cultural potential, no less their future prosperity and longevity, all the while simultaneously realizing everyone's right to quality education and lifelong learning! 

UNESCO Bangkok, with the support of the Equitable Education Fund (EEF) Thailand, and in collaboration with UN SDG Academy, UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (UNICEF EAPRO); UNICEF Thailand; Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO); and Save the Children, is launching a professional development online course, Equity and Inclusion in Education, to answer the capacity-development needs of professionals working within education. This 10-module, self-paced online course can be taken by anyone, anywhere, anytime, free of charge, and will require approximately only 5 to 10 weeks for completion and acquisition of the certificate.  

The Equity and Inclusion in Education course functions as a guide for the transformation of education across global, national, subnational, local and community levels, and through various areas of expertise – policy, financing, leadership – to the classroom context, including the utilization of learner-centered pedagogies, technology, data, and partnerships, and especially focuses on what can be done to implement them in day-to-day practice. This course catalyzes equitable access and better educational outcomes for all and, ultimately, better returns for investment in education itself. The course equips participants with the mindset, knowledge and skills to be CHANGEMAKERS for equitable and inclusive education, and it informs professionals in how to narrow down the disparities to be found in their own contexts. 

The Course will be accessible via edX through UN SDG Academy on Monday, 10 April 2023.  

The Course with Thai subtitles will be made available on the same platform on Tuesday, 13 June 2023.

You can enroll here 

Course modules 

  1. What is equitable education? 

  1. Equitable education laws and policies  

  1. Innovative financing for equitable education 

  1. Decentralized education provision 

  1. Education leadership                          

  1. Teacher professional development 

  1. Equitable and inclusive education in the classroom      

  1. Skills development and lifelong learning   

  1. Data and technology for equitable education                       

  1. Partnerships for effective collaboration  

For more information will be updated to Equitable Education Hub: equity-ed.net  

For further inquiries and to explore potential partnerships: Mr Ilja Riekki, Literacy and Lifelong Learning, Section for Educational Innovation and Skills Development (EISD), UNESCO Bangkok, i.riekki(at)unesco.org