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Teacher Education About us

Teachers stand at the frontline of education, and we demand a lot from them. We expect teachers to have strong subject and pedagogic content knowledge, possess effective classroom management skills, readily adopt new technologies, and be inclusive and sensitive to the diverse needs of their students in line with 21st century demands.

No longer simply transferring information to learners, teachers are asked to create an environment that is conducive to learning, and to prepare their students for a rapidly changing world. Our demands are high and so are the stakes: the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers and the quality of teaching.

Empowered, professionally qualified and motivated teachers are central to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4-Education 2030 Agenda. To meet society’s expectations, teachers need and deserve appropriate, relevant and practical training throughout their careers. Their professional status and working conditions must reflect the immense impact of quality teaching on our shared future.

Therefore, UNESCO Bangkok Office works to provide teachers with quality education and continuous training, appropriate compensation and policies to safeguard and reinforce their status, and support of school leaders.


  • Strengthen pre-service and in-service teacher education, and continuing professional development of teachers
  • Enhance teachers’ status and working conditions
  • Foster school leadership


What We Do:

Teacher’s professional development and innovative pedagogy

  • Assist TEIs and teacher educators with the use of innovative pedagogy, e.g. project-based learning, design thinking approaches, etc.
  • Promote school-based teacher’s profession development through lesson study and action research

Enhancing Girls’ and Women’s Right to Quality Education through Gender Sensitive Policy Making, Teacher Development and Pedagogy

  • Conduct gender assessment of school curriculum, textbooks and teacher training materials
  • Build capacity of education policymakers and planners on gender-responsive teacher policies
  • Develop ‘gender and education’ course for teacher educators in TEIs
  • Develop school leadership training programmes for female teachers
  • Promote gender-sensitive pedagogical innovations through school-based action research

Preparing Teachers for Global Citizenship Education

  • Increase knowledge of GCED among teacher educators, teachers and school leaders.
  • Enhance capacity of teacher educators and teachers to deliver GCED contents.
  • Strengthen school leaders’ capacity in supporting and implementing GCED in their institutions.

Status and working conditions of the teachers

  • Review the status and working conditions of teachers in light of the ILO/UNESCO recommendations concerning the status of teachers
  • Conduct studies on the career pathways of teachers
  • Examine recruitment and deployment of teachers to address teacher shortages

School leadership

  • Conduct research studies on school leadership
  • Assist Member States to develop relevant policies, including government regulations on the professional development of school principals
  • Establish regional platforms for information sharing and knowledge building



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