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Social inclusion

Social inclusion


UNESCO’s work has a strong emphasis on inclusive social transformations – building a better society for everyone. Strongly aligned with SDGs 10 and 16, our social inclusion work has a number of distinct areas including strengthening social inclusion in public policies, supporting cities to develop initiatives on inclusion and sustainability, integrating social development into projects of other disciplines, and using the future as a planning tool.

Some of the themes covered in this work include people with disabilities, migrants, the elderly and indigenous people. The Management of Social Transformations program places emphasis on the need to strengthen the linkages between research and policy-making, with an emphasis on both upholding Human Rights and fostering social inclusion.

The first regional MOST Meeting of Ministers of Social Development was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2017. This meeting provides a forum for discussion on key social development topics in the region. The 2017 meeting focused on the topic of ageing societies.

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