fbpx Silent Manga Audition Round 13: “Together for Peace” | UNESCO Regional Office in Bangkok

Silent Manga Audition Round 13: “Together for Peace”

Silent Manga Audition Round 13: “Together for Peace”

Call out to all manga artists for entries that encapsulate the foundations needed to build a peaceful society. Each entry must effectively convey one or more of these foundations promoting a positive message about contributing to peace in our society from the ground up!

As part of this pioneering collaboration, UNESCO will invite the winner of the UNESCO Award to the opening of a special SMA13 manga exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2020!*

With the aim of raising awareness for the “Together 4 Peace” campaign, the exhibition will take place at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). A magnificent contemporary building in the heart of Bangkok, the location offers the chance to introduce visitors of all ages to the power of Silent Manga.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a beautifully produced exhibition catalogue, featuring selected SMA13 works. With the intention of gifting the catalogue to schools in Thailand and the greater Asia Pacific region, it will serve as an educational tool in UNESCO’s mission of laying the groundwork for peace.

Deadline for submissions: 31 Jan, 2020
Exhibition duration: 12 – 31 May, 2020

For more information, visit Silent Manga Audition. To audition, follow the links at SMA13 Audition Details.


* Please note, given travel conditions related to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), UNESCO’s invitation to the UNESCO Award winner is subject to possible restrictions and recommendations set by the Government of Thailand, the WHO and UNESCO Headquarters.