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Seven Natural Wonders of Myanmar

Seven Natural Wonders of Myanmar

Myanmar is well-known for its cultural and historical heritage but is generally lesser-known for its rich natural wonders which showcase an impressive and unique biodiversity. Unfortunately, these natural heritage sites are increasingly coming under threat as a result of unchecked logging, illegal wildlife trade, as well as unsustainable agricultural and fishery practices, among others. 

Over the past several years, UNESCO has supported the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) in strengthening its capacity to protect and manage the country’s natural heritage sites.  In 2014, Myanmar, for the very first time listed seven natural sites on the World Heritage tentative list. In late 2018, with UNESCO’s support, the Government reaffirmed its engagement to strengthen the level of protection of these “Seven Natural Wonders”, by developing a Roadmap for World Heritage Nomination of Natural Sites.

As part of its endeavor to get the natural wonders of Myanmar better known and to raise awareness on the importance of protecting and conserving these sites for World Heritage status, UNESCO, with the financial support of the government of Norway produced a short video and booklet entitled ‘Discover Myanmar’s Seven Natural Wonders’

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