Safe use of ICT in Childhood Care and Education

Safe use of ICT in Childhood Care and Education

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can support different aspects of educational processes. Recent reports by teachers, researchers and educational authorities highlight the creative ideas and examples of use of ICT for children’s play and learning. 

Despite their benefits and potentials, ICT have also posed an array of social and ethical issues. The notions of “digital citizenship” and “cyber wellness” are gaining interest in UNESCO’s ICT in Education Forums. Additionally, the discussions on the safe and effective use of ICT’s usually focus on older children and adolescents, while children are increasingly exposed to ICT from very young age.  Early years should not be forgotten!

UNESCO Bangkok believes that parents, caregivers, teachers and policy-makers need to enhance their knowledge of safe and effective use of ICT from early childhood, in order to help children’s wellbeing and development of competencies and personalities.

Thus, UNESCO Bangkok looks into enhancing the knowledge and competency of pre-primary teachers and parents on the safe and effective use of ICT, while at the same time increasing the level of awareness of policy-makers on the key issues related to ICT integration in ECCE. UNESCO Bangkok’s ultimate goal in tackling this issue is to support young children’s holistic development and learning through safe, responsible and effective use of ICT.

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