Regional seminar on Happy Schools: Learner well-being and social-emotional learning

Regional seminar on Happy Schools: Learner well-being and social-emotional learning

The Happy Schools Project was launched in 2014 to promote learner well-being and holistic development in schools across the region. More specifically, the Happy Schools Project promotes and advocates skills and competencies that students and teachers need to engage, create and collaborate to lead healthy, positive and happy lives.

Currently, Phase II of the Happy Schools Project is engaged in pilot activities at local and national levels in Japan, Lao PDR and Thailand. The project includes (i) the development of a Happy Schools guide, (ii) capacity-development workshops targeting teachers and school leaders, and (iii) a pilot programme in selected UNESCO Associate Schools Project (ASPnet) schools in each country.

UNESCO Bangkok is organizing a regional learning seminar to provide a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge, innovation and promising education practices in the Asia-Pacific region in regards to learner well-being, social-emotional learning and happiness. This seminar will display how national, local and school education policies and practices can embrace holistic education and teacher and learner well-being. Progress on the Happy Schools Project in Japan, Lao PDR and Thailand will be presented by representatives from each pilot country.

When: 21-22 October 2019

Where: The Holiday Inn Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Who: Participants will be invited from the Happy Schools Project pilot countries, as well as from Ministries of Education from Member States across the Asia-Pacific region, partners from academic and research institutes, teacher-training institutes, NGOs/CSOs, international agencies, and the private sector.

The seminar is organized by UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education.


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