Policy Review of TVET in Lao PDR - UNESCO 2013

Policy Review of TVET in Lao PDR - UNESCO 2013

Policy Review of TVET in Lao PDR - UNESCO 2013

UNESCO’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system policy review for Lao PDR responds to an invitation from the Government of Lao PDR to UNESCO to conduct a review of the country’s TVET system and to engage in a policy dialogue on its future development.

The report is structured as follows: 

•  Part 1 provides a summary of key information about Lao PDR’s population, economy and labour market system. The report begins with an analysis of the Lao PDR socio-economic development model and the imperatives that arise for TVET. It then provides focus on TVET policy development.  

•  Parts 2 and 3 discuss the Lao education and TVET systems. Key aspects of the country’s TVET system are analysed, such as its legal framework, qualification system, strategies and plans, governance and management, financing mechanisms, teachers, quality assurance system, public-private partnerships and skills needs information base, among others. 

•  Part 4 examines policy directions on the vocationalisation of general secondary education and draws lessons from international experience to inform national discussion. The section also puts forward some policy questions for further consideration.

•  Part 5 draws conclusions from earlier discussions and provides specific policy recommendations where relevant. This section also highlights some areas where further policy discussion may be fruitful. 


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Policy Review of TVET in Lao PDR - UNESCO 2013
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2013, 69p.


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