Policy Research and Advocacy

Policy Research and Advocacy

UNESCO is committed to advocate for the development of ECCE policies and increased investment to ensure holistic development and learning for all children. In raising awareness and promoting comprehensive ECCE among policy-makers, civil society and various other stakeholders, UNESCO draws on existing research evidence to support countries in undertaking their own research. In collaboration with ARNEC and other partners, UNESCO strives to strengthen the region’s knowledge base on ECCE.

UNESCO, together with UNICEF EAPRO and ARNEC, supports countries to undertake policy research. Currently, research on two interrelated topics related to the quality of ECCE is supported: the status and professional development of ECCE practitioners and the quality standards of community‐based ECCE programmes.

UNESCO-UNICEF ECCE Policy Research Series Regional Desk Review Report

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UNESCO assists member states in meeting the EFA Goal 1 on ECCE by identifying, documenting and sharing good practices as well as constraints and challenges in early childhood policy development and implementation.

Regional Policy Review Workshop

Regional Seminar on Early Childhood Policy Review

Policy Review Report

  • Advocacy

UNESCO raises awareness and advocates for promoting comprehensive ECCE among policy-makers, civil society and various other stakeholders. UNESCO also promotes community-based parenting education to support parents and families to be effective caregivers and educators. Community-based parenting education is considered an effective modality to reach the unreached groups of young children because centre-based ECCE programmes are costly and have limited outreach.