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NEQMAP Members

NEQMAP Members



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1. Ministry of Education - Education Management Information System 
Focal Point: Mohammad Ismail Khattab, Director


2. Australian Council for Educational Research - Centre for Global Education Monitoring 
Focal Point: Petra Lietz, Principal Research Fellow

3. Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority
Focal Point: Robert Randall, Chief Executive Officer

4. JT Education Consulting Pty Ltd
Focal Point: Jim Tognolini, Director


5. Institute of Informatics and Development
Focal Point: Syeed Ahamed, CEO


6. Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessments 
Focal Point: Arjun Kumar Gurung, Education Monitoring Officer

7. Royal Education Council
Focal Point: Geewanath Sharma, Chief of Teacher Professional Development Division


8. Ministry of Education,Youth and Sport - Education Quality Assurance Department
Focal Point: Ung Chinna, Director


9. Secretariat of the Pacific Community - Educational Quality and Assessment Programme
Focal Point: Michelle Belisle, Director

Hong Kong SAR, China

10. Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment 
Focal Point: Esther Sui-Chu Ho, Director

11. Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority 
Focal Point: Chong-sze Tong, Secretary General

12. The University of Hong Kong  - Teaching and Learning Evaluation and Measurement Unit
Focal point: Maggie Yue Zhao, Director


13. Australian Council for Educational Research (India)
Focal point: Amit Kaushik, CEO

14. ASER Centre 
Focal Point: Suman Bhattacharjea, Director

15. Education Quality Foundation of India
Focal Point: Anjlee Prakash, Chairperson

16. CCLP Worldwide 
Focal Point: Vinod Singh, Vice Chairman

17. Indian Institute of Education
Focal Point: Jyoti Bawane, Associate Professor


18. SEAMEO Regional Centre for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Science 
Focal Point: Indarjani, Deputy Director for Programme


19. University of Tokyo - Graduate School of Education
Focal Point: Yuto Kitamura, Associate Professor


20. Ministry of Education and Sports - Education Quality Assurance Center 
Focal Point: Panya Chanthavong, Deputy Director

21. Ministry of Education and Sports - Research Institute for Educational Science
Focal Point: Khamchanh Latthanhot, Head of Evaluation Division

Korea, Republic of

22. Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
Focal Point: Jimin Cho, Vice President, Division of Global Education


23. Ministry of Education - Educational Planning and Research Division
Focal Point: Ahmed Rafee Che Kassim, Deputy Director

24. SEAMEO Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics
Focal Point: Miranda

25. Universiti Sains Malaysia - School of Educational Studies
Focal Point: Thien Lei Mee, Senior Lecturer 


26. Ministry of Education - Quality Assurance Department
Focal point: Nahuza Shareef, Education Officer


27. Ministry of Education,Culture and Science - Educational Evaluation Center
Focal Point: Gan-Erdene Jigjid, Director

28. Mongolian Academy of Educational Sciences
Focal Point: Begz Nadmid, President

29. Mongolian Institute of Educational Research
Focal Point: Otgonbaatar Khajidmaa, Researcher

30. Institute of Teacher's Professional Development
Focal Point: Oyuntungalag Orsoo, Deputy Director


31. Ministry of Education - Department of Myanmar Examinations
Focal Point: Aung Htike, Deputy Director General


32. Educational and Developmental Service Centre 
Focal Point: Tirth Raj Khaniya, Technical Person

33. Ministry of Education - Education Review Office
Focal Point: Lekha Poudel, Joint Secretary


34. Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training - National Education Assessment System
Focal Point: Syed Kamal-Ud-Din, Director

35. Idara e Taleem o Agahi (ITA) / Centre for Education and Consciousness
Focal Point: Saba Saeed, Research Associate

Papua New Guinea

36. Department of Education, Measurement Services Division
Focal point: Packiam Arulappan, Assistant Secretary


37. Department of Education - Bureau of Education Assessment
Focal Point: Nelia V. Benito, Director IV

38. Global Resources for Assessment Curriculum and Evaluation, Inc. 
Focal Point: Noel A. De Leon, Executive Vice President

39. Inno-Change International Consultants, Inc.
Focal Point: Sharif Ul Alam, Managing Director & CEO

Russian Federation

40. Eurasian Association for Educational Assessment 
Focal Point: Ivan Nikitin, Executive Secretary


41. NIE-NTU - Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group 
Focal Point: Wei Shin Leong, Assistant Professor


42. University of Colombo - National Education Research and Evaluation Centre
Focal Point: Marie Perera, Director


43. National Institute of Educational Testing Service 
Focal Point: Sirida Burachat, Assistant Professor


44. Vietnam Institute of Education Sciences - Research Center for Education Outcomes Assessment
Focal Point: Nguyen Duc Minh, Vice Director General

45. Ministry of Education and Training - Center for Education Quality Evaluation
Focal Point: Le Thi My Ha, Director



46. Cito B.V. Institute for Educational Measurement, Netherland
Focal point: Frans Kleintjes, Director Cito International

47. The GL Education Group
Focal Point: James Neill, International Director

48. International Association for Educational Assessment
Focal point: Randy Bennett, President


49. Vyjayanthi Sankar, Senior Consultant

50. Masoud Kabiri, Data Manager, National Coordinator Center of TIMSS and PIRLS, Research Institute of Education

51. S. Kanageswari Suppiah Shanmugam, Senior lecturer, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Shanghai, China
52. Zhu Xiaohu, Assistant Professor, Shanghai Normal University