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National Education Systems and Policies in Asia-Pacific (NESPAP) Open Platform


National Education Systems and Policies in Asia-Pacific (NESPAP) Open Platform

Welcome to the NESPAP Open Platform! This platform is a virtual space designed to enable sharing and exchange of resources, experiences and expertise for all interested in education from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.


Please visit NESPAP from here.

NESPAP's six components


eMap is a virtual network intended to provide a space for information sharing, exchange and interaction in areas of education development in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. It contains a database on experts. The databases are accessible in English.


eForum is a digital sharing tool created to optimize in depth dialogue on education development and reinforce collaboration between governments, private sector and civil society. The eForum provides an institutional and technological environment for multiple platforms to host group discussions, communities of practice, exchange and a repository of knowledge products.


eResources disseminates a range of digital resources such as education policy and reform documents, publications, research materials and notable education system practices across the Asia-Pacific. Any registered user is able to contribute to the database by submitting documents and personal works to be uploaded in the platform, after a simple validation process.


eJob provides an online platform for recruiting and job hunting. In the job posting board, users can post, browse and apply for job positions relevant to the education field in the Asia-Pacific.


eConf is a platform for online conference management where users can browse and register for education events in the region, and event organizers can easily manage participants information such as exporting in Excel and CSV.

Education System Profiles (ESP)

Education System Profiles (ESP) provides analytical overviews of education systems in the Asia-Pacific, covering for example the structure of the system, major challenges, management and financing, including national policies and strategies for the different education sub-sectors.


This platform is maintained by UNESCO Bangkok.

If you wish to be a member of NESPAP, please send your CV at nespap(at)unesco.org.


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