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Learning Coin Project


Learning Coin Project

Promoting Learning Habits through Data Analysis and Cash Transfers for Disadvantaged Children

Funded by the POSCO 1% Foundation and True Corporation, UNESCO Bangkok has been implementing the Learning Coin initiative in collaboration with the Foundation for Rural Youth (FRY) to support marginalized migrant children in Thailand to continue to their studies and improve learning achievements.

The Learning Coin Chart


The results we expect from the project are:

1. Strong literacy skills 

2. Improved learning and reading habits 

3. Stability of families' economic status, which helps to prevent children from dropping out




One of the biggest reasons why children drop out of school is to start to work and financially support their parents and family.

Children under this project use the mobile application LearnBig to read books and textbooks every day. All their efforts and achievements are saved in its database, which teachers can access so that they can provide personal support to children. At the same time, the database is analyzed monthly in terms of the children's efforts and achievements to calculate the learning index for each child. Based on the index, parents receive cash transfers.

Below are samples of the data analysis of the LearnBig application:







After this successful pilot, UNESCO is expanding this project in four provinces with the Equitable Education Fund (EEF) in Thailand.

Watch this video depicting the story of Pyo Ma Ma Soe, one of the most successful learners under the initiative.

For more information about the project, please contact:

Ms Sowirin Chuanprapun, s.chuanprapun(at)unesco(dot)org   
Ms Pornpilin Smithveja, p.smithveja(at)unesco(dot)org