Lao PDR produces TVET Quality Assurance Manual

Lao PDR produces TVET Quality Assurance Manual

Lao PDR produces TVET Quality Assurance Manual

To ensure the high quality of technical and vocational education and training in Lao PDR, a quality assurance (QA) system was introduced by the government in 2008. The Educational Standards and Quality Assurance Centre (ESQAC), the lead agency in monitoring and overseeing the QA process, was established within the Ministry of Education in the same year. ESQAC is responsible for improving the country’s knowledge base on education and provides advice on ongoing educational initiatives, practices and investments.

According to the ESQAC website, “the general direction of education quality assurance has been developed in a systematic manner comprising the testing, assessing and accreditation mechanisms for quality education. These mechanisms will then be used as common measures for assessing education quality against specified indicators and standards”.

Since 2009, UNESCO Bangkok has been providing support to ESQAC towards the development of a QA system for TVET. A working team was formed to develop educational quality assurance standards, guidelines and manuals for technical and vocational education institutions.

In close collaboration with UNESCO, ESQAC developed a draft TVET QA manual from 2009 to 2010. Following the manual’s development, it was pilot-tested in selected schools with assistance from GTZ. The document holds the dual honour of being the first QA manual in TVET, as well as the first-ever QA manual developed for the Lao education system. It is anticipated that this guide book will also be used by private TVET schools in the country. 

The document was jointly finalised by UNESCO and the Lao government in 2011. It is available in the Lao language and has also been translated into English.

Please click on the following links to download the QA manual:

English version

Lao version

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