Improve the quality and relevance higher education

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Improve the quality and relevance higher education

Introduction of the projects

  • Developing Regional Quality Tools to Facilitate the Cross-Border Mobility of Students in Asia and the Pacific (KFIT Higher Education Project, 2015-2019)

Facing the rapid expansion and globalization of higher education throughout Asia and the Pacific, new quality tools are critical to ensuring equitable access to quality higher education for all. With support from the Republic of Korea Funds-in-Trust (KFIT), UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education will take stock of best policies and practices to develop guidelines for promoting regional cooperation. The KFIT Higher Education Project will serve as a laboratory for the development of new resources and tools to promote cooperation and build capacity in higher education throughout Asia and the Pacific.


  • Pathways to Empowerment-Building Capacity for Quality Higher Education and TVET in Pacific Island Countries (MFIT Higher Education Project, 2017-2018)

Given high demands for new skills that are recognized internationally, QA is also fundamental for cross-border mobility and employability, particularly in the Pacific. The region has a diverse, highly mobile population and a wide range of higher education and TVET providers offering distance education.
In March 2017, the Pacific Capacity Building Workshop on Implementing National Qualifications Frameworks was successfully launched in Apia, Samoa. In 2018, study tour and training in Kuala Lumpur and Penang on quality assurance systems and conducting institutional quality audits is expected.

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