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ICT in Education-About-us

Established in 2002, the Programme at UNESCO Bangkok assists 46 Members States across the Asia-Pacific region to harness the potential of ICT in achieving inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Our Programme

  • We provide policy advice to support Member States in the review and development of ICT in Education Master Plans that are closely aligned with national education goals and SDG4;
  • We support Member States with capacity development to implement competency-based teacher training reforms to facilitate ICT-pedagogy integration;
  • We organize regional knowledge-sharing events and conduct policy research to promote safe, effective and responsible use of ICT in the region and beyond.

Programme Impact 

  • Competency Based Teacher Training ReformStrengthens teacher policies and assist the development of ICT competency standards for teachers
  • ICT in Education Policy Planning: Provides technical assistance for the review and development of national ICT in education policies that are aligned with SDG4
  • Digital Kids Asia-Pacific (DKAP): Advocates safe, effective and responsible use of ICT among children in order to effectively navigate and participate in the digital world.
  • Resources & Toolkits development
  • Knowledge Sharing Events


As the UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, we support 46 Member States in the region. Our current and partners include:

Asian Development Bank, Google, ITU, Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Korea Ministry of Education, KERIS, Monash University, SEAMEO, SAMSUNG, UNICEF

Additional Resources 

For the latest ICT in Education, please visit our webpage