Get creative to promote Asia Pacific culture: Join our #CultureIsColourful campaign!

Get creative to promote Asia Pacific culture: Join our #CultureIsColourful campaign!

As a specialized agency of the United Nations, UNESCO has the unique mandate to build peace and sustainable development through culture.

But what is culture? What comes to mind when we talk about “culture”?

Our magnificent heritage sites? Our mysterious sunken treasures? Curious traditions passed down from our ancestors? Or our quirky neighbourhoods, full of memories?

The Asia-Pacific region is home to iconic heritage sites and priceless objects dating back over millennia, vibrant historic cities, dynamic arts and cultural industries, and countless living cultural practices, both traditional and contemporary. UNESCO Bangkok’s Culture unit works closely with everyone from grass-roots communities to high-level policy-makers to raise awareness about the importance of culture, innovate new approaches, showcase best practices and build capacity at all levels.

Our new colouring book tells that story and invites readers to express their own creativity (colouring outside the lines is, of course, welcome!)  

Download our colouring book and learn what we do to protect culture in the region!

To share our passion for preserving this region’s culture and raise awareness about its many forms, we invite everyone to join our #CultureIsColourful campaign

Follow these easy steps to participate:

1. Download our UNESCO Asia-Pacific Culture Colouring book from here.

2. Choose a theme from the colouring book to colour that you find meaningful.

3. Get creative with colour!

4. Like/Follow UNESCO_AsiaPac social media accounts

5. Share your image using the hashtag #CultureIsColourful along with a sentence or two to explain why that theme is important to you.

Let’s protect culture and make the world more colourful!