Family Spending on Education: New Guidebook on Measurement

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Family Spending on Education: New Guidebook on Measurement

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the World Bank have published a guidebook on measuring household expenditure on education. The entitled guidebook Measuring Household Expenditure on Education: A Guidebook for Designing Household Survey Questionnaires provides assistance to countries in their task to report on the SDG 4 Indicator 4.5.4: education expenditure per student by level of education and source of funding. The guidebook helps measure the burden of education spending that falls on families as well as with proper representation of education expenditure in consumption-based poverty and inequality measures.

The guidebook provides a standardised set of guidelines to foster the harmonisation of data on education spending in future household surveys and to ensure that the data collected are more easily comparable across surveys and across countries, while being both comprehensive and responsive to specific national priorities. It is designed to provide guidance to national statistical offices and any other agencies or institutions implementing national surveys that monitor multiple dimensions of well-being or education, specifically.


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Washington, DC, World Bank, 2018.

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