Donation of Eneloop Solar Storage Systems Make Bagan Archaeological Area Schools a More Sustainable Place to Study

Donation of Eneloop Solar Storage Systems Make Bagan Archaeological Area Schools a More Sustainable Place to Study

The classrooms of Chauk Kan Village Affiliated Middle School are brighter and more sustainable following the donation of Eneloop Solar Storage Systems from Panasonic Corporation. Chauk Kan was one of 130 schools near Myanmar’s Bagan Archaeological Area to receive 450 Eneloop Solar Storage Systems through Panasonic’s project with UNESCO, in collaboration with the Myanmar Ministry of Education. This project, “Strengthening Schools for Education for Sustainable Development”, empowers the teachers and learners in Myanmar’s basic education classrooms to lead and promote sustainable lifestyles as socially responsible global citizens and leaders of the future. The donation of Eneloop Solar Storage Systems has improved access to and knowledge of renewable energy sources.

Student Aye Cho and friend discuss what they’ve learned from having solar energy in their school.

Before the donation, Chauk Kan School had required gasoline and a generator to provide electricity. The school’s five Eneloop Solar Storage Systems have replaced the generator, reducing the cost of electricity to the school and the air pollution around the school. The presence of renewable energy in the classroom has facilitated students’ learning about environmental sustainability. For example, teachers in Grade 4 use the Eneloop Solar Storage Systems as a practical example in a science lesson about how energy is generated and used in everyday life.

Additionally, the presence of the Eneloop Solar Storage Systems improves students’ ability to read and study. Grade 3 student Aye Cho most enjoys reading poetry in her Myanmar class, and she no longer has to strain to see the lines with the placement of solar lights in her classroom. In the month leading up to end-of-the-year exams, the solar lights were integral for Aye Cho and her classmates to study in classrooms after sunset with teachers present as resources. Speaking of the greater ability to study, Aye Cho beams in reporting “Now we are sure we’ll be in Grade 4.”

The Eneloop Solar Storage Systems were donated in a ceremony held on 17 December 2016 attended by over 200 teachers, parents, and students. Panasonic representatives conducted an Eco-Learning session to kick off the greater use of renewable energy through the township surrounding the Bagan Archaeological Area. Schools will also receive teaching materials and trainings to advance education for sustainable development in their classrooms.