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Data and knowledge production - Higher education conversation series

Data and knowledge production - Higher education conversation series

This is the sixth in the series of Higher education conversations in the leadup to the 3rd World Higher Education Conference (Barcelona, 18 – 20 May 2022) and to support the operalization of the Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education. It aims to bring together policy makers and higher education stakeholders to discuss the importance of data and knowledge production in ensuring inclusive, quality higher education for all.

Key questions to be examined:

  • What are the data gaps that must be addressed in higher education at international, national and institutional levels?
  • What are the consequences of data production for understanding higher education from a lifelong learning perspective?
  • How does data production impact or even increase flexibility in the provision of educational services, including digital media?
  • What are the institutional mechanisms required to ensure that higher education institutions honour the public interest regarding data and knowledge generation?
  • As key knowledge-generating stakeholders in society, what kinds of knowledge should higher education institutions be producing to support the SDGs? 


  • Said Ould Voffal, Head of the Education Surveys Section, UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)
  • Roberta Malee Bassett, Global Lead for Tertiary Education and Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank
  • César Guadalupe, Head of Department of Social and Political Sciences, Universidad del Pacífico, Peru
  • Michaela Martin, Programme Specialist, UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)


  • Wesley Teter, Senior Consultant, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific 

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