Community-based Parenting Education

Community-based Parenting Education

Parents and families are the first and principal caregivers and educators of their children. Realizing that in many countries, centre-based ECCE programmes are costly and do not reach all children, UNESCO has been promoting Community-Based Parenting Education since 2010. Community-based parenting education has been considered an effective modality to reach the unreached group of young children, because of its approachability and low cost. In this regard, UNESCO Bangkok launched a Community-Based Parenting Education Programme with the aim of helping expand non-formal ECCE and improve its quality by supporting parenting education offered at Community Learning Centres (CLCs).

The Parenting Guidebook and the Facilitators’ Handbook for Parenting Education were first published in 2011, and they have been adapted and translated in 7 different countries (Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Samoa and Viet Nam) as part of a pilot project, and have since been translated into Bahasa Indonesia and Hindi as well. The produced books contain simple yet informative and adaptable information on ECCE that is culturally sensitive and acceptable to Asia-Pacific nations.

UNESCO Bangkok has also produced video clips of key messages and good practices as well as the Resource Pack for Implementing the Parenting Education Programme. Pilot implementation of parenting education and many awareness-raising activities were undertaken by the participating countries.

Resources on Parenting Education

Resource Pack for Implementing Parenting Education Programme

This Resource Pack has been prepared to provide ideas and suggestions that would help the implementers of parenting education programmes who decide to adapt and use UNESCO Bangkok’s Guidebook and Handbook (e.g. governments, NGOs etc.).


Parenting Education Guidebook

The Guidebook provides essential, practical information about ECCE for all caregivers, including parents, grandparents, siblings and community members.

Available languages: 
[English]  [Urdur]  [Vietnamese]  [Hindu]  [Kazakh]  [Myanmar]  [Samoan]


Facilitators’ Handbook for Parenting Education

The Handbook is for the facilitators who will guide the parenting education programmes.It includes concrete actions and activities that caregivers can practice, using everyday materials. 

Available languages: 
[English]  [Vietnamese]  [Hindu]  [Kazakh]  [Myanmar]


Video-clips on Parenting Education

These are short-video clips containing key messages and good practice related to the parenting education themes, which would add audio-visual support for community-based parenting education workshops.