Communication for Sustained Livelihood and Food Security

Communication for Sustained Livelihood and Food Security

Project Title: Communication for Sustained Livelihood and Food Security, Myanmar

Funded by:

With the support of: Ministry of Information, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation

Duration: December 2014 August 2018

Context: The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is undergoing significant democratic reforms, which have an impact on the economy. The Government has stated its commitment to attain sustainable and equitable growth, especially in the rural areas. The UNESCO project “Communication for Sustainable Livelihood and Food Security”, funded by the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT), aims to facilitate access to development information by groups in the rural agricultural sectors in Myanmar, which will enable them to make informed choices and decisions needed to improve quality of life and reduce poverty.

Objective: The project aims at facilitating access to agriculture and livelihood information (e.g., new technologies, post-harvest facilities, access to markets and credits) by farmers and rural communities which can enhance agricultural production and post-production skills, livelihood opportunities leading to improved income and better quality of life.

The project also enhances the knowledge and information of national, township and village officers, and other stakeholders such as managers of community information centers and local journalists on agriculture situation and markets through ready access to knowledge base developed and maintained by LIFT including its implementing partners and farmers groups;

Lastly, the project is providing information/extension workers (including those from Ministry of Information, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, as well as LIFT partners), community information center managers and agriculture journalists with competencies to engage in two-way, participatory and bottom-up communication strategies which will enable them to become effective community change agents

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