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Climate and Hunger

Climate and Hunger

Climate change is worsening hunger crises around the world. 

Climate change is impacting all aspects of the food system, including food production and availability. While in some regions growing conditions for crops may improve, such gains will in all likelihood be offset through losses elsewhere.  

Notably, increases in likelihood and severity of extreme weather events affect food security and access to nutritious diets by reducing or failing crop yields, by disrupting food storage and transport, and by consequently increasing food prices. People that already live with hunger are the most impacted by reduced food security.  

Due to unsustainable practices, the global food system is one of the key contributors to human-induced climate change. Therefore, SDG2 aims at building sustainable food production systems and implementing resilient agricultural practices. 


To advance Climate Science Literacy across Asia and the Pacific, the United Nations in Asia-Pacific has developed a series of posters, social media graphics, and videos. The United Agencies that have jointly developed the climate science literacy materials include UNESCO, ILO, IOM, UNDP, UNDRR, UNEP, UN ESCAP, UNFCCC, UNICEF, and UNOSSC. 

The materials are available free of charge for public adaptation and distribution under Open Access CC-BY-SA 3.0 IGO. If you would like to translate the video into additional languages, please contact eo.bangkok@unesco.org