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Call for Participants: Online consultation on ‘Ethics of Artificial Intelligence’

Call for Participants: Online consultation on ‘Ethics of Artificial Intelligence’

Artificial intelligence is not only a technological turning point, but also a socio-anthropological disruption. AI technology is becoming ever more prevalent in daily life, affecting everything from how we engage in democratic participation to the kind of jobs we have available and the healthcare that we receive.

Because of its relatively new nature, most countries do not have clearly articulated policies on the ethical and transparent usage of AI technology, and there is no worldwide consensus on an ethical framework.

UNESCO is leading the way in the global conversation by developing the Recommendation on the Ethics of AI. As part of the work to create a new normative instrument, we are hosting consultations with bioethicists, civil society and other stakeholders from every region.

Recognizing the role of youth as a growing demographical force in the Asia-Pacific, UNESCO also seeks to include young voices in the global dialogue on the ethics of AI. Young people are the chief users and developers of AI technology and should play a critical role in the design of ethical usage.

UNESCO Bangkok Office invites young people aged 18-25 to an online consultation on UNESCO’s global, ethical framework for AI. The half-day online consultation will take place on 8 August 2020, with discussions held in English and Thai-language sessions. Interested candidates should register by filling in the Google form  no later than 26 July 2020.

The online meeting link will be directly communicated to confirmed participants as space is limited.

Should you need clarification, please contact Ms. Undral Ganbaatar, Associate Programme Specialist for Social and Human Sciences, at u (dot) ganbaatar (at) unesco (dot) org .

Fill in Google form:

English: https://forms.gle/ZtiNtRg99qjYhuai6
Thai: https://forms.gle/yFsks4eV7AmhFErUA


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