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Call for Entries: WHEC2022 Creathon

Call for Entries: WHEC2022 Creathon

UNESCO and ALWA call for young creative people - from 18 to 32 years old - committed and inspired to join the WHEC2022 Creathon to improve the quality of HED and work towards the consolidation of the SDGs, the 2030 Agenda and beyond.

UNESCO is organising the Third World Conference on Higher Education (WHEC2002) that aims to transform the traditional models of higher learning and open doors to new, innovative, creative, and visionary conceptions that not only serve the current global agendas for sustainable development, but also pave the way for future learning communities that overcome barriers, speak to all and include all lifelong learners.

Recognising the importance of youth innovation and creativity in addressing current and future HED challenges, WHEC2022 provides a space to empower, inspire and engage young people.

In this context, the WHEC2022 convenes - in partnership with ALWA Social Entrepreneurship - the WHEC2022 Creathon to enable the exchange and collective creation of ideas and the development of agile projects with a positive impact on society.

The Creathon, that will take place during the Conference, will allow the young participants to benefit from intensive training in entrepreneurship and leadership. The teams will be accompanied by specialized facilitators and mentors and will meet other people with similar concerns in order to develop their ideas and elevate them to concrete and achievable solutions.

In the process of defining the roadmap for a new era of higher education, youth, young students, alumni, researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world are invited to submit innovative initiatives to contribute to three areas of the Sustainable Development Goals:

Inclusive education. SDG 4.5 sets a target to ensure that all education and vocational training levels are inclusive and responsive to diversity.

Education for development. On the framework of SDGs 4 and 10, we seek to find how to ensure educational linkages in contexts of conflict or emergency and contexts of geographic isolation from urban and academic centres.

Climate change. SDG 13.3 proposes to enhance human and institutional capacity for climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.

Which initiative do you propose to promote -either globally or locally- in order to contribute to one of this causes?

In just 12 hours, during the afternoons of May 18 to 20, 2022, we will work intensively in teams - in person at the Fira de Barcelona and online via Zoom - to design, prototype and communicate initiatives that respond to the proposed challenges.

In order to develop optimal support and facilitation, the number of places is limited to 15 teams of up to 5 members, of which 9 finalists will be able to present themselves on the last day before a jury of collaborating entities and institutions.

This jury will provide the finalists with recognition, guidance and support for their continuity in business incubators, foundations and universities.

The working languages will be English and Spanish.

REGISTRATION FORM: https://forms.office.com/r/kaHKPS3Pku  

For more information, please visit: https://www.whec2022.org/EN/homepage