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Buku Panduan Guru: Belajar Empati

Buku Panduan Guru: Belajar Empati

In November 2019-January 2020 in partnership with State University of Jakarta, UNESCO Jakarta Office developed a Teachers’ Guidebook for Learning for Empathy for junior high school level. The guidebook demonstrates how learning for empathy lessons can be integrated into the existing subjects taught under current national curriculum.

This was one of the findings from the study visit in July. Omori 6th Junior High School in Tokyo developed a “SDGs calendar” while involving all teachers and school personnel to make linkages between the teaching subjects and SDGs instead of teaching about them independently. Such key cross-cutting competencies as critical thinking, multi-perspective taking, future-oriented planning skill, and communication skill are well reflected in the actual teaching and learning of the school.

The developed lesson plans cover 10 subjects including Religion, Civic Education, Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language), English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Sport Science, Arts and Culture.  In February 2020, Jakarta Office organized two series of training for trainers using the Teachers’ Guidebook for Learning for Empathy.

The training targeted 2 school principals and 20 teachers from two junior high schools (Public School and Madrasah) in East Java Province. The local education authorities also attended the training during the opening session. The training programme addressed topics including analysis of the student learning plan, identifying topics and methods to convey empathy based learning material, reviewing the existing lesson plan, reviewing teachers’ plan and conducting a class try out of the guidebook.

After some pilot use in some schools, the guidebook for Learning for Empathy, with schools was published and shared through UNESCO Jakarta website, social media platforms and junior high school networks.

This publication is available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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