Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group

Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group

Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group

The Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group (MLE WG), established formally in 2009, is a coalition of INGOs, universities, and bilateral and UN agencies involved in implementing Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB MLE) programmes for disadvantaged communities in countries throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. The MLE WG focuses on the enhance coordination of technical and substantive support for multilingual education initiatives and evidence-based policy advocacy throughout the region. UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (UNESCO Bangkok) and United Nations Children's Fund Regional Office for East Asia and the Pacific (UNICEF-EAPRO) lead the MLE WG as co-chairs in the Asia-Pacific region; UNESCO Bangkok serves as the MLE WG Secretariat.

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Regional Webinar Series

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented widespread disruptions to education, particularly for ethnolinguistic minority children. In response, a regional webinar series was created to engage regional- and national-level educational stakeholders (including both policy-makers and implementers) who are interested in maintaining and advancing MTB MLE programmes. Each of the webinars listed below explore how multilateral educational stakeholders can address different aspects of supporting multilingual learners during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond in the building back better process.


Target Audience

The target audience includes education policy-makers, project and programme implementers, administrators, teachers, and additional educators, as well as parents and community members interested in supporting multilingual learners.