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ART VISIONAIRE: Visual Arts and Performing Arts

ART VISIONAIRE: Visual Arts and Performing Arts

UNESCO, with support from the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with Thailand Creative Economy Agency (CEA) and British Council, will launch a pilot course to enhance skills and knowledge for professionals aiming to pursue an entrepreneurship career in cultural and creative industries, especially in the fields of visual arts and performing arts.

This intensive course (9 days in total, targeting 35 participants) will cover the five topics delivered by university lecturers and experts from international organzations: i) Cultural and creative industries at the global level and the relevant international treaties; ii) Be entrepreneurial in creative industries in Fine Art and Performing Art; iii) Creative industries in Thailand; iv) Project management; and v) Fundraising and ways to monetise creative services. As the course assignment, the participants will develop their own project ideas to present to an expert committee consisting of representatives of creative organizations in Thailand, for potential opportunities of internship and employment, or future funding and partnership.

Thai creative industries have great potential to grow. However, creative organizations in Thailand, including those in the fields of visual arts and performing arts, such as museums, galleries, theaters, art spaces, and performing arts foundations, still face challenges of building competitive advantages and lack personnel with skills in holistic business management, who have the knowledge to generate revenue and develop financial stability. The course aims to fill in this gap, and will be delivered through a range of modalities including self-study with pre-recorded lecturers and reading, tutorial sessions and discussions.

Application forms can be submitted till 20 August 2021 through this link: https://forms.gle/EYkQxKZR4pTn9rFW6 

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