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Our Courses

Our Courses

Our courses are specially designed to provide cutting-edge skills and knowledge to enable you to confidently engage with international clients across a range of industries. Using research conducted by UNESCO, the courses are tailor-made for the needs of students in Myanmar.

Business Skills for Youth
Fig.4A 10-week, interactive course, delivered in Myanmar language with resources in English, featuring four units of study: Navigating the World of Work; Working with Others; Getting the Work Done; and the World of Business. The Strengthening Business Skills for Youth Employment in Myanmar Programme was designed to address the elements of potential economic growth; the development of new industrial sectors; and training and work opportunities for young people, while also improving the quality and relevance of education. The certificate course will build the skills and knowledge that you need to progress in the world of business.

Eligibility Criteria - Aged 16 to 35, basic English-language proficiency, minimum matriculation level, interest in the business sector
Duration - Eight weeks
Time - Monday to Friday (9am to 12pm)

Human Resource Management
Human Resource ManagementThe Human Resource Management certificate programme provides practical and theoretical insights for current or aspiring Human Resource professionals. Participants will learn essential skills for business management and apply the core competencies of organizational effectiveness, staffing, development and training, and HR systems management.

Eligibility Criteria - Aged 16 to 35, graduate
Duration - Five weeks (Sat-Sun only)
Time - Saturdays and Sundays (9am to 12pm)

Marketing ManagementMarketing Management
The Marketing Management certificate programme provides insights on how to effectively apply marketing management theories and practices, including the marketing mix, through real-world business scenarios.

Eligibility Criteria - Aged 16 to 35, graduate
Duration - Five weeks (Sat-Sun only)
Time - Saturdays and Sundays (9am to 12pm)


Financial Literacy for Start-ups
Financial Literacy for Start-ups is an intensive 18-hour training programme for current or aspiring business owners. The programme builds financial skills including learning how to analyze cash flows and budgets as well as how to evaluate budgets prepared by managers.

Eligibility Criteria - Aged 16 to 35
Duration - Three weeks (Sat-Sun only)
Time - Saturdays and Sundays (9am to 12pm)

English for the Business World
A certificate course conducted by a native speaker, tailored to offer a broad perspective on the business world today, while at the same time developing fluency in English. Specially designed to enhance essential communication and language skills, participants will experience a dynamic and modern learning environment. The course equips participants with the confidence to interact in international settings and stand out in highly competitive industries.
Eligibility Criteria - Aged 18 to 35; pre-intermediate English level; suitable for business executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and business graduates; minimum matriculation level
Duration - 10 weeks (Sat-Sun only)
Time - Saturdays and Sundays (9am to 12pm)

Learning Skills Development for Youth
Learning Skills Development for YouthThe Learning Skills Development course builds foundational knowledge and skills in order to prepare for higher education. Students will be encouraged to engage in various academic activities such as discussions and presentations in a comfortable, free and fun learning environment. Time is also allocated for self-directed learning.
This course aims to help develop and practice learning skills like communication, working with others and critically analyzing arguments, which are not only useful for studying but also for work and in everyday life.
Eligibility Criteria - Aged 16 to 35
Duration - 10 days over two weeks (Mon-Fri only)
Time - Monday to Friday (9 am to 12 pm)


Community Project ManagementCommunity Project Management
This course introduces the main concepts and techniques of community project management and develops the skills needed to implement successful projects. It is designed for learners with no prior experience in community projects, but can also serve as practical training for entry-level development workers.
This programme will include guest speakers, class discussion, role-playing and simulations, reflection through guided questions, presentations, problem-solving exercises, case-study materials, and group projects. This course is for students who are studying development related disciplines and students seeking to work at CSOs, NGOs and INGOs in the future or be involved as community and development volunteers.
​​Eligibility Criteria - Aged 18 to 35
Duration - Three weeks (Sat-Sun only)
Time - 9 am to 4 pm

Microsoft Basic for Workplace
Microsoft Basic for WorkplaceThe Microsoft for Workplace training is designed for people who want to gain knowledge of Microsoft Office software. No previous experience using computers is required.
Training begins with a general introduction to computers, software, hardware and typing. This is followed by separate sessions on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. During the training, various in-class exercises will be provided to help you better understand how to apply the knowledge you learn. Computers are provided by CEBSD for the training.
Eligibility Criteria - Aged 16 to 35
Duration - 10 days (Mon–Fri only)
Time - 9am to 12pm

Excel Essential for Beginners
Excel Essential for BeginnersThe Excel Essential for Beginners training is focused on graduate students who want to advance their knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Topics include data entry, tables, pivot tables, charts and more. During the training, various in-class exercises will be provided to help you better understand how to apply the knowledge you learn.
Eligibility Criteria - Aged 16 to 35
Duration - 5 days (Mon–Fri only)
Time - 9am to 12pm


G-Suite for Workplace G-Suite for Workplace
G-Suite training is for students who want to develop their professional abilities to use Google applications such as Gmail, Google Forms, Google Drive and more, enabling them to successfully compete for jobs and advance their careers.
Eligibility Criteria - Students who recently graduated and young professionals with less than one to two years of experience may attend this course.

Duration - 5 days (Mon–Fri only)
Time - 9am to 12pm


Start Your Own BusinessStart Your Own Business
The Start Your Own Business course comprises three parts:
(1) Generate Your Business idea (GYB)
(2) Start Your Business (SYB)
(3) Business Plan Presentation
GYB leads students through a step-by-step process of identifying and analyzing business ideas. At the end of GYB, they will have a concrete business idea that will be used as the basis for developing business plans in the SYB phase. SYB builds on GYB, by exposing your business ideas to scrutiny from market, legal and financial perspectives.
Eligibility Criteria - Aged 20 to 45
Duration - Five days (Sat–Sun only)
Time - 9am to 5pm

Marketing for SMEs
Marketing for SMEsThis course is for people who own and manage an existing SME (small or medium-size enterprise) and want to improve their marketing skills. The Marketing for SMEs course will help you improve customer loyalty and increase sales and profitability.
Eligibility Criteria - Aged 20 to 45
Duration - 28 July 28, 3-4 August 2019
Time - 9am to 5pm


Youth Leadership ProgrammeYouth Leadership Programme
Interweaving foundational values of responsibility, respect for diversity, cooperation, participation and equality, programme participants will encounter ample opportunities to reflect on what these values mean for them and how they can use them for the benefit of communities.
​The youth leadership programme will give students the opportunity to practice the skills required to build greater self-confidence, strengthen people skills, improve communication, develop as leaders and improve attitudes.
Eligibility Criteria - Aged 16 to 28, basic English-language proficiency, minimum matriculation level
Duration - 10 days (Mon-Fri only)
Time - 9am to 5pm

Providing Capacity Building to faculty of Yangon University of Economics
More than 75 YUE lecturers have been trained by UNESCO specialists to design and deliver practical vocational education, which builds business skills, knowledge of the local job market and confidence in students’ ability to participate. These workshops, along with lecturer’s participation in CEBSD teaching, are the key to creating necessary shifts in pedagogy and approaches required to better respond to both student and labour market needs, and in doing so set a model for education and training in Myanmar.

Essential Business Skills Workshop Series
To move forward and expand activities in areas of need, it is important to make the Centre and its programmes more accessible to a wider range of young people through the Essential Business Skills Workshop Series. The Series offers opportunities to develop new skills, build on existing skills and improve business performance.

The workshops enable participants to explore ideas in a professional environment, and to interact and share knowledge and experiences with speakers and among participants, fostering their ability to successfully compete for jobs and advance their careers.




Series 1

Career Pathway

  • Career goals
  • Assessing skills
  • CV writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Job seeking skills

Series 2

Working with Others and Effective Communication

  • Working in team
  • Communications process
  • Emailing
  • Presentation
  • Meeting skills

Series 3

Interpersonal Skills and Decision-Making

  • Interpersonal skills in the workplace
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision-making style and tools

Series 4

Workplace Management

  • Managing time
  • Managing materials
  • Managing finance
  • Workplace technology
  • Work-related information management

Series 5


  • Identity
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Leadership style
  • Leaders for sustainable development
  • Leaders for peace


English Conversation ClubEnglish Conversation Club
Learning a new language is about not only grammar or vocabulary, but also how we express ideas, our opinion and ourselves. Intended to create an interactive environment for English learners to practise their oral speaking, CEBSD organizes the English Conversation Club on every Friday afternoon. Everyone, with or without knowledge of English, is welcome to join free of charge.


Scholarship Programme
Scholarships are available for every course at CEBSD. Most of the scholarship students are from rural areas or ethnic groups, and lack financial support for their studies. All students receiving scholarships must demonstrate a good attitude toward learning and be hard-working and proactive. Students who wish to apply for scholarships must submit a recommendation letter from a teacher or CEBSD alumni. Short-listed students will be interviewed by the CEBSD Programme Coordinator.